Sights & Travels

Sunflower Farm

A dying sunflower farm near where I work. They are trying to survive by allowing the public to come in and buy what is left.

Taipo Market 

The older part of Taipo Market is an eclectic mix of vegetable stands and butchers

Calming Day 

My love and I were in the Jade Warrior Pagoda. It was a beautiful place with a rich history. There was a gentleman praying and wasnt sure if I should take the shot. I’m always hesitatant when shooting strangers. It looked nice and went...

Elora Brewing Company

The Elora Brewing Company is trendy, nice and bright with the big windows in the front. The feeling is cool and relaxing.

Back To Korea

I lived in Korea for almost 7 years. It was an amazing time and learned so much. Every time I go back it is wonderful to see how much the country has changed but also how much I have changed.

Death Of A Village

The last residents of Nga Tsin Wai Village (衙前圍村) move out.