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Shanghai Easter Bash

I am in Shanghai and I am having one of the best trips I have ever had. I met up with 8 other guys here, mostly new friends from Hong Kong and some new friends who I have met here. I have been clubbing for the first time in a long time and really enjoying it so far. I am staying with a really great friend, David, who is letting me use his place to sleep. I met him a few years ago in Toronto and again a few weeks ago in Hong Kong. He is a bar manager at a really fancy bar on the Bond here in Shanghai called Glamour Bar. 

Yesterday I went to this afternoon Easter Party and it was incredible. The party was thrown by a lesbian couple. One speaks 8 different languages and she is from Finland, her partner is an architect. The house was spectacular. There were about 30 people all together each with great stories.

I met a Swiss guy who was married with two university aged children before coming out. He now lives with his boyfriend here in Shanghai. His 21-year old daughter was there as well and it was so nice to see a father, his lover and his child. His partner also has a child with his ex-wife as well. They were together like it was nothing. Living in Korea, it was just something I never saw.

The others at the party were mostly European from France, Italy, Spain and a few other places. All spoke fluent Putonghua, in a Shanghai dialect. The conversations had were just so well meaningful. David met a nice “hot” Spanish boy. I was just more amazed by the conversations since that is what always excites me the most. 

I love a man with a mind. 

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