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Elevated Feet

It’s been a week – a long one. After the surgery, I went home and up the narrow steps to my apartment on the second floor of a village house. Getting up was hard, hot and uncomfortable. I haven’t moved much since. Moving around has been challenging; fallen once while trying to move things around on crutches. Physically I am good, though figuring out how to keep my feet elevated while on pillows has been challenging. I am not sleeping well; getting comfortable in bed is hard. It is not the physical problem but more the mental parts.

I have worked almost every day and love what I do. What I do as a teacher helps to define me as a person. Not being able to teach has been the most challenging adjustment. I will be back to it in a few weeks but not helping my students become a bit better every day hurts. The school has been good in trying to give me as much recovery time as I wish but not going to work hurts when everyone else is. The head of English teachers and helpers has helped to adjust my teaching. I have sent them lesson plans and other things, which have helped immensely.  

I have been lucky to meet a wonderful person who has helped a lot. They are taking care of me both with my house and emotional needs. The cooking, cleaning and helping me move have been excellent. Still, it is the emotional support where they have been the most incredible. This recovery has helped a lot, making me realize it is OK to ask for help when I wouldn’t usually.

Staying in the hospital was too expensive so I spent a night in a hotel which turned out to be cheaper.

There are 22 more days until the cast comes off, counting the days. The pain is not as sharp, but I notice losing muscles in my healthy leg. My diet has changed; trying to eat less and taking time to fast since I am not as active if healthier.

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