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10 Years In The Po

I love Hong Kong from the first time visiting here to when I moved here and for the past ten years living here. It can be challenging more so in the past two years as a struggle with the Chinese Communist changing and challenging it. I still love it.

The biggest reason is living in Tai Po, a smaller area an hour north of Central and probably a half-hour away from Shenzhen. It is different than most places in the territory. There are more greens and fewer greys. There are not many ‘ex-pats,’ making it harder to order food or buy things. Navigating things is a challenge, with few people having a working knowledge of English. It reminds me of living in Gunsan (군산).

One of the many rivers in the area.

There is no reason to come to Tai Po other than to see Tsim Sha Tsui or Central’s complete opposite. There are no tall office towers of glass and steel but small villages, older apartment buildings and lots of mountains. It is an area for hikers and boaters. The Education University is in the hills and is quiet and has a good reputation.

It is one of the hidden wonders and hopes to be here for another ten years.

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