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Scooter accident


When the one who gives you the scooter says don’t go on this road. Listen to them. If they offer their own scooter to rent, refuse it. I learned these lessons the hard way on Cap Ba Island yesterday. 

The scooting was great to start. I took tones of great pictures. The scenery was spectacular. I was in love with the idea of renting scooters and driving down to Danang (300 km away) from Hanoi.  Then I hit road construction. Tones of rocks. I was walking the bike, while it was still running, over a rocky patch. I slipped on a rock and fell down. While falling down, my hand was on the throttle. I fell down and got some scrapes. The bike crashed. The damage was superficial. It was scratched up.  We returned to the town and returned the bike.

A few hours later the owner came back and asked about the damage. I thought it would be $200 US. The bike was new and an import. It ended up costing me $900US


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