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Baseball Korean Style!

I went to my first baseball game in Korea. I have been to many baseball games back in North America (Toronto, Colorado and Pittsburgh). I find them very quiet and kind of feels like an opera at some points. The prices for food and drink are really expensive, $8 for a VERY small cup of beer. I have always liked going to a baseball game with friends. It is a great time to be with friends.

Saturday’s game was completely different. There were dancing girls. The fans were REALLY into it. There was a separate cheer for every batter who comes up to the plate. The screen had funny cartoons for when they do a hit, seal, walk and so on. The beer was cheap at $3 for a 350 ml glass. We could order KFC or Burger King at the same prices as they were outside the park. People could bring in food, drink or anything they want. The quality of the play was pretty good but they tended to steal bases or try to a lot. It made the game a bit more interesting.

I went with Mel, who is very knowledgeable about baseball and about Korean baseball. Her team is the Doosan Bears so she was able to tell me a bit about Korean baseball and such. She likes baseball and I got a chance to get to know her a bit more.

The game I saw was the LG Twins beating the Lotte Giants (Busan). LG crushed them 12 to 2 total. I do hope to go back and see another game. I really would like to see the Doosan Bears. 

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