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I Hate Pudong International Airport in Shanghai

$9 (US) for a club sandwich????????

The airport was built in the late 90’s but by the looks of it I would say the mid 70’s. The duty free shops make me wonder if the items are real or knock off. It reminds me of going through duty free in Mongolia. But with that airport, there is more selection.  The food options are HORRBLE!!!!!  There are three western style cafes that serve bad food that is over priced. I’m having a club sandwich that was made yesterday I think. The cost is 68 RMB or $9 Canadian. That doesn’t include French fries or anything else. Then there is the service. I think they went to some unfriendly training seminar to ensure they are not happy and to make sure the customers are not either. No smiles. No laughing. No personalities. As I walked out, I saw the old Soviet flag and understood where I was.  If you can: AVOID Pudong. If you have to, eat before you get here.

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