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I Made It To Shikoku

It was my first full day and I made it to Shikoku after a brief stop over at Himeji Castle (near Kobe).

The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site as it dates back to 1581. The place is very well maintained and the main castle tower is currently under full restoration so closed to the public and covered by a big curtain to protect it. The grounds of the castle are covered in cherry blossoms with people having picnics under them. It is getting to the end of the cherry blossoms season as most of the trees are not as covered as they were a week or two ago but they are still beautiful.

I caught the bus to Shikoku and I am staying in a Ryokan near Kamojima JR Station (JR meaning Japan Railways). Tomorrow I am going to try to hike to Temple 11 where I left off in September and then try, as hard as i can, to make the climb up to Temple 12, Shosan-ji (焼山寺). Everyone has warned me how it is the hardest temple to get to since the hike is so tough. I am staying near the beginning of the hike and I am a bit nervous. The weather is cool which is helpful. The hike is mostly through brush and is about 20 km. I am going to give it a try and I hope I am able to do as much as I can.

I am not sure if there is a road or a bus or something to take me most of the way incase I get too tired or out of shape. I am going to head to bed early and see how it goes tomorrow. The place I am staying is going to give me so food for lunch and I am going to fill up on water. I hope it is enough.

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