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Good Bye 37, Hello 38

Happy Birthday to me!

Birthdays have never been a big deal for me. Usually I never tell anyone about them or generally not make a big deal about them. I am not ashamed of them or afraid of getting older it is just more like I don’t want to make a big deal out of them.

I have only had one party and that was when I turned 19 years old. In Canada, 19 is the age where someone turns of age to drink in bars. It is a big deal for most and I remember it being a big deal when I was younger. We went to a bar and had a good night, from what I remember of it.

The best birthdays I have had are the ones where I spend with just one person. I remember having some AMAZING birthdays with Alex, my best friend in the world. When I was 30 he organized a small dinner at Joe Badali’s Resturant (  in Toronto. He also rented a hotel room at the Harbour Castle in Toronto and a great dinner. It is probably the most memorable one I have ever had.

This year was good. I just worked. Some of the teachers wished me a happy birthday. The grade ones sang happy birthday and I kind of was embarrassed. A few of the teachers gave me a little cake and said happy birthday. At night I just went out for a small dinner with a friend.

I like birthdays. They remind me how lucky I am that I get to live a great life with some wonderful friends. I am so lucky and I do love life. 

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