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Keep in touch!

Being an Expat, one who lives in a country that is not their own, it is very important to keep in touch with family and freinds. If one lives in a country for a long time one builds huge and important relationships.  For me, it is critical to maintain these good relationships because they have touched my life in many different ways. 

The main form of communciation I use is Facebook ( I use it a lot to send messages and to check in to find out what people are up too. I use email a lot as well. As well as messenger programs like MSN and Yahoo!. I also LOVE to write letters using pen, paper and stamps since it gives me time to think and compose. It’s also nice to get something in the mail other than bills. 

In Korea, there is a good small program that worked on my iPhone called KaKaoTalk ( . I used it a lot and found it not too bad. It is wholey in Korean so if one doesn’t know the language it can be a pain to navigate at times. It is now out for Android, so I am now able to use it again. 

Using the program today, I had a lovely conversation with a freind of mine who has found someone wonderful. I am so happy to hear of this and also thankful that I am able to communicate with him as well as my other Korean freinds. 

I am a happy guy now.

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