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My near future

I love Gunsan. It is quiet and cheap to live since there aren’t a lot of transportation or food costs. There is a lot of time for me to cook so I am losing a lot of weight these days. I am still working towards my ideal weight based on my Body Mass Index (BMI). I have my weeks of quiet then head up to Seoul for the weekends of Seoul with its people and other things.

Having said all that, there is more I want to do. I don’t think I will be moving to Hong Kong. My friend, who’s job I have been suggested that I could take over, said that most of the resumes are from people with 5 to 10 years experience teaching. I have 7 years of teaching but I don’t have the paper (degree) to back it up. If I am offered a job there, I will of course take it but I just don’t have the confidence in it.

Kunsan National University (군산대학교) where I have been teaching since September.

I am planning to look for jobs back in Seoul either in the Public elementary schools or in Universities. I want to go back to Seoul and then work on my Masters of TESOL from somewhere. I am not sure where but I need to do it. I think it is what is best for my career.

I also think I should learn Korean finally. The reasons are to meet more people and I think I should be planning to stay here a bit longer and I need to fully understand Korean culture and people if I am going to live her longer.

These are my plans and well, like everything else they are subject to change. We shall see.

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