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Saying good bye is hard

The hardest thing in the world is to say good bye. Today I will begin that process of saying good bye to people I have worked with for over a year. Tomorrow I will say good bye I have known for 3-7 years. It is hard but it is something that happens frequently when being an Expat. This is especially true here in Korea. It is one of the biggest reasons why I need to leave here since I say it so often.

In Korea the average English teacher lasts one year. One year in which you build a wonderful friendship and then “poof” it is gone. One year in which you could meet a person who changes your life then good bye. The sad thing is that it becomes easier and easier because you get so use to it meaning you try to protect yourself by not giving everything of yourself to new friends. You try not to get too close since it will only be a year.

This afternoon will be easy because the people I am saying good bye to are people I haven’t worked really closely with. I haven’t really shown who I really am to them. It is a simple good bye. Tonight will be harder. I have met someone in Gunsan who I have shown who I am. Someone who I have reviled my soul too. Brett Caneau is my co-worker and my friend. Within one year, he has gotten to know me better than anyone else. Saying good bye to him will be the hard.

Tomorrow I will say good bye to Toby. He is one of the first people I have met in Korea. He has been a good friend even though I haven’t been at times.  He lived in Toronto for four years while I lived here in Korea. Saying good bye to him will be hard.

It is my way to be cool, calm and rational. I will say good bye to these people with a smile a handshake and a “thanks for being great.” It is just my way.

My next post will be in Hong Kong. I can’t believe that I wrote that. Korea has been amazing for me and I will miss it dearly. I know I can always visit but when you live here, coming back to visit is well different.

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