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Secondary School: New Beginnings

I was afraid of going into secondary school with worries of new people, different people, and not fitting in.

In Canada, school is a bit different. Primary school goes from grades 1 to 8 (P1 to the second year of secondary school here in Hong Kong). Most of my friends went to different schools around my home town of St. Catharines. Some went to better schools, and some went to weaker ones. I was the only one at my school from primary school.

Moving from Primary School to Secondary School
Me, dressed up for graduation day.

It was hard since the students were all new. The lessons were also different. They expected us to learn more on our own. They tried to help us to learn more on our own without the teacher. These days they call it ‘self-learning.’ It was different than having the teacher stand in front of the class and talk. It took a lot to get used to.

Change is hard. There are many fears, worries, but with the help of others, it makes things easier.

I know you got your Secondary School placement and will be going to Fanling Lutheran Secondary School. 

Are you worried about going to Secondary School? If so, what things are you worried about? If you are not, then why not? 

Do you think it will be hard to make new friends at your new school, or will there be other students from Tun Yu School there? 

What are you looking forward to in September when you start school? 

There is no word limit – just as much as you want, and I will edit it. 

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