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Learning Online

Below is an article on learning online from the newspaper the South China Morning Post. Read and share your experiences.

With all classes suspended until after Easter, students in Hong Kong have turned to e-learning.

Young Post spoke to students in local and international schools in both cities to find out how they are doing.

Most secondary schools in Hong Kong have been using live web conference programs like Zoom, as well as apps like e-Class, Headstart, and sending in assignments using WeChat or email.  

For many, it has been the same as always.  “Teachers can schedule a Zoom call with their students at the start and end of each lesson to check their progress,” says Bobbi Lee, 13, a Year Nine student at South Island School.

“Brief messages are also often sent to students before class starts to tell students how to do the homework,” said Lee. “Teachers are always online during lessons to answer questions. It’s like school, just without [face-to-face] social interaction.”

However, fellow South Island student, Zachary Perez Jones, 15, says he doesn’t think e-learning is helpful with exams coming up.

“I have been quite worried about exams as we are missing a lot of lessons before the major exams in May,” he says. “I am finding it hard to focus on my homework and making sure I can do the work on time. It is hard to keep up with deadlines.”

Mimi Wong, 16, a student at HKMA K. S. Lo College, says while e-learning is useful when it comes to completing assignments for subjects such as maths, she finds doing reading comprehension exercises for her Chinese class quite troublesome. “I have to download different files to complete a single assignment,” she says.

Homework: How have you found leaning online (easy, hard, tough, frustrating, great)? Why?

What have been the bad parts? (computer problems, hard to focus, hard to know when things are due, hard to read on my own..) Why? Give an example

What have been the good parts? (not having to get up early, not having to get up early and go to school on the bus, being able to be comfortable at home..) Give examples

Do you want to do this longer or hope it ends soon?

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