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I Love Toronto

Toronto is a beautiful, modern and multicultural city with many different cultures living in one city. The city is found in the province of Ontario and in the country of Canada. It is far away from Hong Kong. A direct flight takes about 13 hours, and an indirect flight takes a day and a half. There are many things you can do in Toronto. You can either go up the CN Tower or to one of the many small islands in Lake Ontario.

The CN Tower dominates the city skyline

The CN Tower is the most popular attraction in the city. The tower stands over 553.3 meters tall and was the tallest in the world from when it was built in 1976 until the Canton Tower in Guangzhou passed it in 2007. There are many things you can do at the tower. There is a restaurant at the top, but the most popular idea is to look out over the city.

There are many small rivers between the islands were people can either go canoeing or ride on paddle boats.

The second most popular attraction are the Toronto Islands in Lake Ontario. To get there, you must take one of the many ferries. You cannot swim there because the water is too cold and there are too many boats. The islands are a collection of parkland with beaches for people to go swimming as well as biking trails that stretch for miles. It is a place to go to get out of the busy city life and one of my favorite places to go.

My friend Lauren and I at the beaches on Toronto Island.

I love Toronto, and I hope you get a chance to go and see what it has to offer.


Write about either the city you have visited or one you want to go to. Do some research about what there is to do there. How do you get there from Hong Kong? What are 2 popular attractions there and give some details about them such as what makes them unique, what people can do there, why do you think they are popular?

For this writing, you must use the grammar items EITHER ….OR or NEITHER … NOR as well as some of the vocabulary in the unit.

Due Wednesday Night

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