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A Book Review – Holes

Book: Holes

Authour: Louis Sachar

Summary: In the beginning, we meet the main person in the story, Stanley Yelnats, a 12-year-old boy who is arrested for stealing a pair of shoes from a charity. He did not do it, but the police do not believe him. He is sent to a prison called  Camp Green Lake. The place is not green but a desert. There he meets a lot of people who at first are not friendly but become friends. Every day they are sent out to dig holes in the sand. They are told it is for punishment. In fact, the person who runs the camp is looking for buried gold. They are forcing the kids to dig. At the end of the story, Stanley gets out, but more importantly, he learns to make a good friend.

My Favorite Character: I liked Stanely Yelnats the best because I understand him. At the beginning of the book, he has no friends. He finds it hard to meet people. He is also very young and weak. Although he is wrongfully arrested for stealing a pair of shoes and sent to a prison camp – he learns how to make friends, gain confidence, and build up his strength at the end of the book.

My opinion of the book: I like this book because the story is excellent and easy to read. I liked the main character a lot. The book taught me how we need to learn how to be better towards are friends.

My rating: 4/5

Homework: I want you to write a book review. Here is a template that can help you.

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