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Chinese New Year in Istanbul

Last Chinese New Year, I went to Turkey, a country in Europe. The flight took over 12 hours. I spent most of the time on the plane watching movies and reading.

Inside the Hagia Sophia, an ancient church.

The first place I went to was the city of Istanbul, the largest city and the oldest city. People started living there over 300 years ago. We went and saw the Helga Sophia, one of the oldest churches in the world, built almost 2000 years ago.  The outside looks very dull and boring but the inside is stunning.

I ate a lot of pomegranates.

There were also a lot of museums and places to go shopping. I walked around a lot, so I needed to rest a lot.

Mike and I

I traveled with my friend Mike Dawson. He is also an English teacher and taught at Tun Yu School over 12 years ago. He is a great person to travel with but spent most of the time playing games.

We both got back to Hong Kong last weekend. It was a great time.

What did you do for the Chinese New Year? Where did you go? What did you do? Who did you go with? How was it (exciting, thrilling, enthralling)? If you stayed at home, how could it have been better? If you write it out please use BLACK pen and write your WeChat ID at the top of the page. Remember to double space. It is due XX. Send the picture of your writing to dallasksanders at WeChat.

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