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Students dress up for their speaking test. YES, this group got perfect.

It was a wonderful day today with the end of the speaking tests. They are 2-3 minute conversations where students memorize a dialogue and preform it. I think of it as a mini play. The dialogues are fairly simple but some of them really get into it and have fun with it. They usually get a great mark. I like the idea of this since just memorizing words without context is a useless endeavor since there is no meaning connected with the word. When there is meaning, there is learning. It is useless to just memorize list after list of words with out any meaning. Any ways, today was the last day of the tests that I had to mark. I will enter the exam period on Friday.

The big thing that made me happy was the constant texting of a really nice guy whom I have talked to a lot. I get the feeling that he is such a nice person based on what he says and how he says it. He says a lot of nice things that put a smile on my face. I’m not sure how this will go but I do hope that things will go fine. I actually talked to him this evening and well it kind of made my night better. He is doing his exams these days and I kind of worry about being a bother to him. He makes me happy and I hope I do the same to him.

It is time to write a bit more in my journal. Tomorrow will be a long day with make-up days and maybe getting into an argument with some professors, I hope it doesn’t happen but one never knows.

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