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KNU Festival

Festival week is a time where fellow freshmen and sophomore university students can gather for 3 days and drink, drink and well drink. The university I work at has two festivals per year. Usually no one shows up to class as they are mostly cancelled except the classes I teach. This year I went out at night to the beer tents and had a really good time.

During the day, students play sports against the other classes. It’s basically the Chinese Majors vs the Law students in basketball. I saw the Engineering students play the physical Education students in soccer. To no surprise, the phys. Ed students won.

At night, each faculty has their own “tent” and they sell beer, soju and food. The students then try to get as many people as possible to visit their tents so they can sell sell sell. I went to visit and support my students since most of them are freshmen. I went with my co-workers and only stayed for a few hours each night. They had a few Korean pop acts like Best and Psy. I didn’t see them though I just kind of met more students and talked to them.

If I am at another university next year, I will probably go again. 

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