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Halong Bay

We woke up at 6 to take a cruise around to Halong Bay, a UNESCO site and one of the main reasons to come to Vietnam. The trip from Cap Ba Island to Halong Bay cost $24 US.

The boat ride had some of the best scenery. We got to a small fishing village floating on the water. We then got into Kayaks, two at a time. We wandered around for an hour. It was great to be free to explore.

Back on the boat for lunch of great fish, steamed vegetables, spring rolls and rice. The food was freshly cooked on the boat. We had some really nice Germans along with us.

The boat got to Halong Bay. There were more junks but it wasn’t that busy. The views were stunning. We climbed through some caves. I took too many pictures of the aqua coloured water and huge peaks jetting out of the water.

We are waiting for the boat to get the bus to Hanoi.

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