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Guangzhou Is Growing On Me

The fountains and new buildings in Zhujiang New Town in Guangzhou.

The first time I went to Guangzhou was in the winter but too hot for me. The second time, everything was under construction for the 2010 Asian Games. This time everything was done and it was kind of nice. I was CONSTANTLY stared at by the locals. I hung around in the section called Zhujiang New Town. There were huge skyscrapers with funky architectural designs. The area looks like it was made last week. It was amazing because of the mixture of park land and arty things which all looked like it was very new. It’s this quick turnaround that has always drawn me to China. It’s almost like the cities completely change their entire city in 6 months or less. The country continues to build and change. The sad part is they tend to get rid of the older parts.

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