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Back in Korea

I am home and it hs been a weird feeling. It is weird because Seoul (Korea) feels more like home than Canada does. A lot has not changed as far as the buildings or the people. I haven’t taken any pictures except with my friends and former students. I wander to places I use to hang out and everyone seems to remember and are happy to see me. It has been great.  

Yesterday was Sunday Funday at the Rocky Mountain Tavern, my place in Seoul. It is a bar run by Canadians but everyone comes in. I had a lot to drink but it was just nice to be with good friends talking about whatever was going on. I stayed for a while then I went to Jongno the gay area for mostly Koreans. Again it was just nice to be back in familiar places.  

I love living in Hong Kong but for now my true home is in Korea. It is where my heart is. 

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