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The Power To Say No

I had a meeting with my Assistant Teacher (AT). In Hong Kong, an AT works for the EDB (Ministry of Education) and provides help for teachers. She also makes sure things are running smoothly. She is the one I go to if I have problems, questions or need resources. I say she, because mine is a woman. 

The last time we met she took time out of the meeting to say how good I am. I, of course, went five shades of red before trying to get the meeting back on track. She came again on Wednesday and basically did the same things. I tend to believe a meeting should not last longer than 30 minutes unless there is a massive problem or it is something like a sharing session. I just believe time is money. I ran both meetings and they lasted 15 minutes each. Each was very efficient because I had talked to all the teachers before hand like all the other meetings I have to ensure there are no surprises and questions were dealt with before we have the meeting.

After the meeting my AT asked, “You are really good at this, do you have any plans for after you get your Post Graduate Diploma in Education? Do you want to do something more?”  I replied I am very happy where I am. I am thrilled to be here at this school and to be making a difference. She suggested I should become an AT at some point and I said “No.” I have worked in an office setting before and had an enjoyable time doing it but I find myself happiest in front of students teaching. My friend said there maybe a point in 10 years where I wouldn’t want to teach 5 year olds. I don’t know the future but at this point I can’t see myself doing anything else. I love my job and happy where I am.

I am happy to say no to a promotion to keep doing what I love. 

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