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Meeting Former Students

Korean’s have always held the student teacher relationship as very important to their culture. Teachers and students would remain friends for many years after the student has graduated. I am not sure if this is the same in Hong Kong, but I have always wanted to build and maintain these types of relationships if the students wish to have one with me. I always tend to put a lot of the onus on the other student since I have always been the one who had tried.

While in Korea I got a chance to meet up with some of my former students both from elementary and from University. I met Yong Ah Choi at the Starbucks in Itaewon with his sister so she could translate and help him. He is currently doing his military service and wants to do a working holiday thing in an English speaking country to improve his English. He wants to improve his English and wanted some advice. I gave him some suggestions as trying to get some training in bartending/waitering/and any other service industry so if he does go abroad he can get a service job easier and be able to meet and talk to customers. Just my suggestions.

He told me something that was really touching. He mentioned that after I left, they were given a new teacher. The new teacher was very stern and unwavering. He told me the other students really enjoyed my class and really missed me. It made me feel really good to have him say that and I am grateful for him to share that with me.

He is planning to meet up with his father in Shenzhen and I volunteered my home as a place he can stay if he ever goes to Hong Kong. 

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