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Me As A Coach?

We are having some English rugby coaches come to our school to teach the kids how to play rugby. I missed the first lesson due to a massive headache but I have heard the reviews. The kids really liked the coaches and listened to them. The coaches made them run if they were not listening. They were not “mean” meaning disciplinarians like a lot of the coaches encountered. The two most important things were the instruction was all in English and second the kids really enjoyed it.

All of this has made me think about becoming a coach at school. The only problem is a lot of the sports here are different than in Canada. They play rugby, football (soccer) and cricket here more than baseball, US Football, and hockey (ball hockey). I have been thinking about coaching basketball but I haven’t played on a constant basis for 8 years. I don’t know how to do a lay up. I can shoot but I am really poor at it. I don’t know how to prepare a team. In short I have never done anything in a basketball way. I can learn and feel like I want to learn. I though about continuing the rugby coaching since they have started. Maybe I can take a course or something.

There are a lot of single parent families in my school. A lot of the kids, especially the boys, go home to an empty house. Their English is not that good and see it as a difficult thing they have to do. Having understood all of this, I want to do something to make them feel good. I want to help them bond a bit closer together and lift their spirits.

Any thoughts?

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