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Life Is Precious

It’s what I wrote as my Facebook status when I learned of the passing of a former classmate, Michelle Lezetc-Miller

I went to elementary school, Port Weller and Grantham Secondary School together but we were not close friends. I remember her as bright both in personality, temperament and intelligence. I remember her as kind and friendly. Since graduating Secondary School, I didn’t think of her that much as I got distracted by life.

A few months ago, I added her by Facebook and we got to know each other again. I read and learned about her son and husband. I learned of the passing of her father earlier in the year. I got to see her family. I never got the impression she was sick until I noticed friends wishing her well going into the hospital.

On Thursday, I learned of her passing. It was sad as I was beginning to reconnect with her. It was tragic because she was taken so young, only 40. She had a family.

Her life was precious.

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