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I Like GYM!!

Before joining the gym I was; tired all the time, I felt bad, I was just sluggish, and more importantly my relationship ended because of my low sex drive. It was one of the big reasons why he broke up with me. 6 months later, I have a lot more energy. I feel great when I get up in the morning. I have some aches and pains but that is just normal for someone who doesn’t work out then goes and works out.

I have lost about 10 kg. My muscle mass has increased. I have more stamina when I am biking, walking or lifting weights or what not. My fat to muscle ratio is still the same but that comes more from me eating crap than anything else. It is something I need to change by either making dinner more myself or suffering for when I get home or when I find something better to eat than McDonald’s or Burger King.

When school ends for me, July  21 until I come back August 14 I am going to re-dedicate myself to loosing more weight and try try to eat better things or at least make more food myself rather than McDonalds et la. When I get home I am going to try to bike at least an hour a day. I will be home so there were be better food options. It is just something I need to do to make myself better. 

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