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I Got Old

My Mom & Dad on the roof-top

I tend to go for quiet birthdays where I just spend the time with a dinner and a movie with either the person I am dating at the time or just meet up with a friend and celebrate it that way. I have never been a “big birthday party” kind of guy. 

This year my parents are in town and I wanted them to meet all the new friends. I also wanted to thank all the people who have been kind enough to invite me to the many BBQ’s and other events as well. Finally It is my 40th birthday and felt I wanted to do something special for it. Jared was gracious enough to let me use his place and help me plan and organize the event. I have never planned a party before and it was great to have someone who knew what they were doing. I was also very nervous to make sure everything is perfect. I made sure everything was provided and such. It was just a bit of a stressful time since I wanted everything to be done well.

In the end it was a great day. The weather was a bit hot at 24C. My father was in charge of cooking the food and was in his glory. My mom talked to everyone and got a chance to get to know them. For me the biggest surprise was everyone who I invited showed up. I was both impressed and so happy to see so many friends there. It was the best birthday I have ever had and I am so grateful for them 

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