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HKU – Post Graduate Diploma in Education

Before going to Canada, I applied for my Post Graduate Diploma in Education with a specialty in English and Special Needs primary students. Yesterday was the interview and the final stage before I find out if I get in. I will find out at the end of Feburary if I get in or not.

The program is a bit challenging to get into. The government allocates the amount of spaces for the students to be admitted in. There are rumours there are only 50 spaces even though about 300 have applied. Last week we did a test of English proficiency along with a small questionnaire to see if we meet the basic requirements of the program. I guess I passed since I got the interview yesterday.

The interview was a basic introduction of who I am and what I bring to the table. I thought I did well. I was overly friendly while the others were being overly professional and tight lipped. I talked about my experiences in Korea and briefly about my experiences in Canada as well. They asked us to proof-read a passage that someone had written and then asked why I changed the things the way I did. I was in with 5 other people. I debated a lot and was pleasant but a bit combative defending my decisions. I talked a lot. At the end I felt confident I did my best and now I await for the results.

If I don’t get in, I will find something to study. I feel I need to do something with my spare time. I need a bit of motivation to clear my mind and try to improve what I have. I am looking forward to whatever lays ahead.

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