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Designer Boy


There is this guy I met about 4 years ago on-line, during this time I have only met him once for about 2 hours and that was 2 years ago. The conversations I have had with him have been incredible. He says the most incredible things like tonight for example he said: “must share our happiness with others who don’t know what happiness is.” WOW I mean just WOW! When I talk to him it is like he knows me without ever really knowing me.

He is a designer at one of the fashion houses in Milano and he also sings opera in his free time. I write long letters to him. He doesn’t respond and I am ok with it. I find writing to him clears my mind and makes me feel good. He is one of those guys who every time I talk to him, I feel like I have learned something. We talk about living and life and love and just everything there is. We never talk about clothing, or fashion but just about well feelings. I am amazed at how he shares so much of himself. All this when English is his 3rd language (1st Italian, 2nd Korean and 3rd English).

He is DEVOTE catholic but yet when he talks about his faith, it almost makes me want to convert just by seeing the passion he has for it. At the same time he respects my experimentations into Buddha, or Hindu or whatever. The love he has for his family is unlike anything I have seen, even amongst Koreans. When he was in Korea, he will talk about what an amazing day he had with his mother buying groceries but talk about it like it was the best day in his life. To top it all off, he would sends me text messages like “Happy to hear it and share it. Be sunny as the beautyful sun of today! When we can share good things we know the beauty of life what it is… hug from ken" I usually tell him at the end of every conversation every talk, with something like how lucky I am to know him.  

I got to talk to him tonight and I am just in a good mood again. I am so lucky.

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