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Dating Can Be A Pain

You are going to meet someone. You shower and change into something nice. You worry about how you look and what you will say but it is of no matter. Whatever happens will happen.

You have met this person either in a bar, on line or through a friend. During the time you got to know the surface of who they are but not the depth. You wish there is more depth. You wish there is well just more. It is getting time to meet them. You arrive early, since you hate to give a wrong impression and arriving late. I expect the person I am meeting maybe a bit undeceive so I have looked around the area thinking of food options, movie options, coffee options, walking around options and as many other options as possible.

You meet and within the first hour you try to figure out this person meaning: pure friend or potentially something more. For me, if they are bright and full of smiles then there is potential for something more. If they are interesting and bring up stimulating conversation then there is a potential for something more. If they mention they are already in a relationship then pure friend and nothing more.

The date goes well, or so you think. There is coffee, or dinner or even a movie. You wait to hear from them, and there is silence. You message or even call them and there is no response. You get to a point where you don’t hear from them then you move on beginning at the top of this post and repeat.  

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