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There Is Green In Hong Kong

It’s been a busy few weeks since schools (work and studying) started. I’m teaching more, and loving it. I’ve met some incredible people from studying but the combination has been tiring.

Yesterday, instead of going to the Democracy march in central, my love and I went on a bike ride from Fanling to Shatin. It was hot. It was tiring. It was amazing to spend the afternoon with him.

The path from Fanling to Taipo has been under construction lately but it’s near completion. The path still winds through small village houses like those pictured above. They have made the path shorter and more direct which is less of an improvement.

The path through Taipo and through to Shatin is the same as it has always been. It snakes through Taipo then hugs the harbour and brings cool breezes. It then is sandwiched by the horse stables and the sewer plants where most ride as fast as possible. Finally releasing along the quiet rowing harbour in Shatin.

I should have gone to the demonstration but that’s how I felt before the bike ride.

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