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Song Kang-Ho – My Favorite Celebrity

One of my favourite actors is a guy named Song Kang-Ho (송강호) a famous Korean movie actor who has starred in many movies. He is 53 years old and was born in Busan, South Korea. He started acting in 1990 and continues to act today.

In a lot of his movies, he plays an average person who must deal with unusual things. I like him because he is a good actor and doesn’t rely on his good looks.  

One of his movies is called Joint Security Area (JSA) he played a North Korean soldier who becomes friends with a South Korean soldier. They share many things and learn about each other. He won an award in Korea for this movie.

When I taught in Korea, I had a chance to teach his daughter and learn more about him and his family. I hope you get a chance to see one of his movies and enjoy what a good actor he is.


Who is an actor, actress, or singer that you admire? What do they do (act, sing, perform) How old are they? Where were they born? How long have they been doing what they have been doing?

Why do you like this person? Give personalities, reasons, and examples

Give one thing you like – a movie, a TV show, a song and describe it to me.

Finally have a conclusion – one final idea.

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