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Exams are OVER!!!

It’s the last day of exams and the last day of my regular classes here at Kunsan National University ( For me it is probably the last day I will ever teach here if everything goes as well as I hope.

My last exam was with the European Media Culture class. The class is one of my favorites since they are more fluent speakers and they want to actually talk to me which is a nice change rather than me always wanting to talk to them.I hope they do pretty well along with all the other students I have had this semester.

Overall, the exams were pretty good. I had a lot of students who were late in writing the exam meaning that some showed up with only 20 minutes left. A few of the students never even showed up for the exam at all. It is just a bit weird to me that students would show up late or not at all for a final exam. I would have never done that. I guess it is just because they are so young and don’t know any better.

I cought a few cheaters. One wrote answers on her hands. She lost marks. Two had passed exams to each other and then the stronger student wrote the answers for the weaker students. They got zero.

This weekend and next week will be spent marking and inputting the marks into the database.  It is very tedious but it needs to be done. I will get to do this marking in Seoul so that is a good thing 🙂

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