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Hong Kong Bound?

Hong Kong in 2008

Well I have a job interview on Monday at 6:15 p.m for a job in Hong Kong. I had applied for jobs in Hong Kong a while back but this is the first interview I have received. The interview will be via MSN or Skype and I hope will take a bit of time. I am looking forward to the job interview but not sure about the option of going to Hong Kong.

I have said this before, and I shall say this again, I really enjoy Korea and the time that I have spent here. I like the people and culture and such. I just don’t like the gay life for me. It is just too hard to build a relationship because of the conservative nature of Korean culture. I just find that a lot of the guys I meet have a lot of issues in being a bit more open with whom they are and be proud of being gay.

I applied for the job a while back, because I was getting frustrated with the dating life in Korea. During my time here in Gunsan, I have just discovered a lot of new things about myself such as a new level of appreciation for the slower, quieter, country living as it were. I am enjoying cooking and having time to go to the gym. I have a renewed interested in photography and writing that I haven’t had in a long time due to work work and well work.

Hong Kong will offer me a lot of options but at the same there are some negative options as well. I will try my best in the interview and see what happens next. In the end, I just hope everything works out for the best.

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