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Back To Korea

Back to Korea

I lived in Korea for almost 7 years. It was an amazing time and learned so much. Every time I go back it is wonderful to see how much the country has changed but also how much I have changed.


Dawon Tea House (전통다원)

One of my favorite places in Seoul to relax, drink some tea and do some reading and writing


Sungnyemun Gate (숭례문)

It is one of the most important monuments in Seoul. It was burned down in 2008 just before I left. It is great to see it restored to its former glory.


The Farmers Dance

It is one of the oldest forms of dance in Korea. It is a mixture of dance, jumping, theatrics and wonderful music. This was happening at a wedding.


Cheonggyecheon Stream (청계천)

The Cheonggyecheon is a ancient street running through Seoul. It was once covered by an expressway but has been revitalized to it’s former glory.


Cherry Blossom Season

The cherry blossoms were just coming out. Thousands of trees are all around Korea. In a few more days they would have busted out all over the place.


Garden of the Morning Calm

The garden, outside of Gapyeong, is the oldest private one in Korea. It was designed by a local landscape architect. It spans over 30,000 square meters.

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