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End of Bad

I am not sure what to do with my TV watching Monday nights (North American Sunday programming has to wait until Monday night after work due to the time shift). I will probably going back to watching the more common shows like the Simpsons or Anthony Bourdain but it will not be the same. Breaking Bad has ruined TV for me because it was so good.

When I came back to Canada I tried to watch Dexter and True Blood but gradually they just disappeared. Dexter ended horribly where I just continued watching because I had been watching for so long. When the last episode ended it was more of a feeling of good riddance. True Blood had a good story line until two seasons ago and then it just became soft core porn, which is OK by me but even that couldn’t keep me. Next year is the last season and I doubt I will watch. The new shows coming out hold no interest to me. I may go back and try to get back into Mad Men.

I have watched most of the “good shows” in the past few years like The Shield, The Wire, and a bit of the Sopranos but usually after it ended or really late. In Asia, most of the program has been WAY behind by at least a season or even two. Reading recaps or hearing radio broadcasts about last night’s shows was hard to fallow since I was so far behind. It wasn’t with Breaking Bad. It was on time and it was great to read what others have said and to join in the conversation. It added more to the show.

The ending was amazing, as everyone has written. Some have said the last show wasn’t that good but I argue they gave you three different endings but you could choose the one you wanted. If you wanted all the lose ends wrapped up in a nice bow, it was the very last episode. If you wanted Walt in pain you could have ended it after the killing of Hank. If you wanted the end of Saul and even Jessie you could have said the second last episode. There were options but I wanted to see them all.

The strength of the show is also it’s weakness. Many shows have many different plots with one main and several subplots. Bad only had one plot with Walter White and almost everything steamed in relation to him. There is back story to give the characters more depth but the last season is all about Heisenberg.

I can’t count the number of times the show would end and I would sit there and be amazed at what I saw. The knife fight between Walter and his wife, Jessie running through the house with gas, the death of Gus, so many good points. Now all I have to look forward to are cartoons (Simpsons & Family Guy) or documentaries. TV is now “After Bad.” I am not sure there will be another show to come along but I am hopeful. TV has been great the last 10 years and the future looks bright. I just hope I find something to replace it.

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