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Reaching out and touching some good freinds

Maintaining relationships overseas is very hard. There is the time difference, the lack of seeing each other face to face, the difficulty in understanding how things are REALLY going since you don’t see each other face to face. I do admit that a lot of the friends I had in Canada are no longer in contact with me. I probably have about 3 really close friends from back home. 

This week, because of a bit of a vacation, I had the chance to talk to all of them this week. It reminds me how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends. One of them is a former colleague of mine, one is an ex-boyfriend (whom I lived with for four years), and one is someone who I met just before I came to Korea but have developed an amazing relationship.  Each one of them has been amazing and I hope and wish that I can keep in contact with them for the rest of my life. 

Lately I am having some financial concerns. I was planning to go back to Canada for a few weeks but it is looking more and more like that will not happen because of the money situation. I bring up my friends because, besides my family, I will miss talking to them and spending time with them over this vacation. I am a bit down because of this, but I shall bounce back. 

Everything will be fine.

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