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In Awe!

Where I am sitting in Wat Sirimungkhun as the rain is coming down. Across is where the Novices (Monks-in-training).

I’m at Wat Sirimungkhun Sayaram across from my guesthouse. It’s also the place where I have been teaching some lower leveled students along with some high leveled students as well. Recently I’ve been buying some food for them since they often go hungry. I’ve been buying them some fish, chicken, apples and some grapes. My hope is the food is shared amongst all.

It’s an odd place because there are three temples in a row (Wat Sop, Wat Sirimungkhun, and Wat Si Bun Heuang) and there are no adults around to care or watch over them. They are abandoned as one of the kids tells me. It made my heart sink a bit but it also made me impressed with how they live their lives. They take care of each other unlike anything I have seen before.

They go from temple to temple for classes and for chanting. They don’t have time to play or to watch TV or whatever. I doubt they ever get free time. They ask the local people in the town for food to eat. I wander what happens if one gets sick? Coming from where I am, I can’t understand but am amazed.

The feelings here when I teach are amazing. I usually go over the amount of time I teach because the feeling of helping is so strong. I just wish there was more I could do to help.

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